Communist China

Communist China
a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world (Freq. 1)
Members of this Region:
Instance Hypernyms: ↑Asian country, ↑Asian nation
Part Holonyms: ↑Asia
Member Meronyms: ↑Chinese
Part Meronyms:
Chinese Wall, ↑Great Wall, ↑Great Wall of China, ↑Manchuria, ↑Beijing, ↑Peking, ↑Peiping, ↑capital of Red China, ↑Chongqing, ↑Chungking, ↑Guangzhou, ↑Kuangchou, ↑Kwangchow, ↑Canton, ↑Gansu, ↑Kansu, ↑Gansu province, ↑Hebei, ↑Hopei, ↑Hopeh, ↑Hebei province, ↑Hunan, ↑Hunan province, ↑Szechwan, ↑Sichuan, ↑Szechuan, ↑Szechwan province, ↑Yunnan, ↑Yunnan province, ↑Luda, ↑Luta, ↑Dalian, ↑Talien, ↑Dairen, ↑Luoyang, ↑Loyang, ↑Lushun, ↑Port Arthur, ↑Hangzhou, ↑Hangchow, ↑Nanchang, ↑Nan-chang, ↑Nanning, ↑Nan-ning, ↑Nanjing, ↑Nanking, ↑Shanghai, ↑Shenyang, ↑Mukden, ↑Moukden, ↑Fengtien, ↑Taiyuan, ↑Tangshan, ↑Tianjin, ↑Tientsin, ↑T'ien-ching, ↑Grand Canal, ↑Wuhan, ↑Xian, ↑Sian, ↑Singan, ↑Changan, ↑Hsian, ↑Xinjiang, ↑Sinkiang, ↑Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, ↑Inner Mongolia, ↑Nei Monggol, ↑Hong Kong, ↑Gobi, ↑Gobi Desert, ↑Taklimakan Desert, ↑Taklamakan Desert, ↑Amur, ↑Amur River, ↑Heilong Jiang, ↑Heilong, ↑Bo Hai, ↑Po Hai, ↑Brahmaputra, ↑Brahmaputra River, ↑Gan Jiang, ↑Kan River, ↑Huang He, ↑Hwang Ho, ↑Yellow River, ↑Kunlun, ↑Kunlan Shan, ↑Kunlun Mountains, ↑Kuenlun, ↑Kuenlun Mountains, ↑Liaodong Peninsula, ↑Liaodong Bandao, ↑Mekong, ↑Mekong River, ↑Nan Ling, ↑Pamir Mountains, ↑the Pamirs, ↑Poyang, ↑Tien Shan, ↑Tyan Shan, ↑Chang Jiang, ↑Changjiang, ↑Chang, ↑Yangtze, ↑Yangtze River, ↑Yangtze Kiang, ↑Zhu Jiang, ↑Canton River, ↑Chu Kiang, ↑Pearl River

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